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Auto insurance in Texas is so popular due to the fact that we use our vehicles on a daily basis and we are exposed to a massive amounts of hazards including other drivers, road hazards, animals, falling objects, road work, etc. As licensed drivers in The Woodlands, Texas, we have the responsibility to carry minimum auto liability insurance. The coverage required by law to drive legally in the state is a split limit of 30/60/25.

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The significance of 30/60/25

30 means 30,000 dollars in bodily injury for damages to the other driver/third party, 60 means 60,000 dollars in bodily injury for damages to the other driver and everybody in the car you collide with. For example: if you collide with a car that has 2 people and you hurt both of them, your coverage of 60,000 dollars will be split 30,000 for one and 30,000 for the other passenger. Lastly, we have the number 25 which is 25,000 dollars in property damage. If you strike a car and the accident is your fault, you are required by law to carry a minimum of 25,000 dollars to either replace or repair the other person’s car.

Auto coverage in Woodlands

These auto coverages presented in the paragraph above are not ideal for everybody, it is simply the minimal coverage the state of Texas expects you to have. After having a detailed conversation with your insurance agent in The Woodlands, TX, you will be able to determine how much liability coverage you need and also you will unveil the “full coverage “conversation.

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Full Auto coverage

Full coverage is damage to your own car. Full coverage is a colloquial term use to describe a policy that has liability (third party damages) and full coverage ( damage to your auto). Full coverage is a term that we use loosely since it can mean different things for different companies. However, we will describe full coverage as damage to your own auto for now. This particular coverage is divided into two main coverages which are comprehensive and collision. .

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